Cleaning is not for the weak

It is dirty work but someone has to do it and I’m willing to bet your the designated person (I know I am) but don’t spend more time cleaning then you have to!

Cleaning Service, Mess, CleaningAlright, so all of us know that we have to do spring cleaning on our home if we want our house to be clean and less stressful. If you are like me then some of the cleaning has put off a bit in the winter with the rationalization the we need to have the ability to open the house up some to really get our home clean.

No Issues. It’s soon to be spring so we have to do the dirty work now. We can get fresh air in our homes and get our home clean but do not spend more time then you need to.

1. The first spring cleaning idea is to produce a list of what you want to accomplish. For me this makes my work go super fast.

Why you ask?

When you make a comprehensive list of what you need to accomplish you will spend far less time wondering about your house doing this or that’s. You require focused effort when doing spring cleaning or it’ll take forever.

Well the first thing you need to do is to walk around each room and look at what you haven’t cleaned in a while. Including fans, under couches, walls, etc.. Don’t forget the corners in the ceilings.

A broom will reach up to the peak of the wall with no problem so no scaling for you.

Go through each room and make a checklist of what you need to accomplish that way you can systematically go through each room and do it.

When you attempt to do spring cleaning without a checklist you’ll wind up going from thing to thing without ever really finishing your first job.

2. Another suggestion for spring cleaning is to make sure you use the right cleaners for your job.

As far as spring cleaning hints goes this is important because using a multi cleaner for everything means you’ll be spending way to much time scrubbing when you don’t need to.

So what sort of cleaners if you are using for your spring cleaning?

You want to be sure the cleaners you are using are the appropriate ones for the job. By way of example, if you are cleaning the bathroom you should use a bathroom cleaner that is made for soap scum. If you’re not then you’re likely to be spending way to much time getting your shower clean.

If you’re attempting to have your flooring back to it’s original color make sure to use a floor cleaner and really use a clean brush instead of just a mop.


Technically this isn’t cleaning but painting your walls is a simple, inexpensive way to actually make your house shine and it is perfect to perform in the spring as you need in order to have your windows open to paint.

If you want your house to have a light airy feel to it select a light color. In case you have located a darker color that you absolutely love then paint one of your four walls with the darker color and the rest a lighter color. The contrast will be stunning.

4. The best of the spring cleaning advice is to learn how to clean your home fast.

When you have mastered the way to speed clean your home then your spring cleaning chores will be done lickity split and you will have lots of time to enjoy the spring weather rather than getting your house back up to par.

I learned the way to my home fast from a excellent book on pace cleaning Broward Rat Removal  so my spring cleaning chores are finished in a fraction of the time it used to take me to do them, so now I have more time to enjoy the things I really like doing, not dread doing.

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