How to keep your home clean

Cleanliness, Maid, Maintains, CleaningKeeping your house clean and tidy and dust-free is important not only for comfort and appearance, but also for your wellbeing. Keeping an orderly house is so much easier now compared with grandmother’s time. Grandmother would probably had a couple of maids and extended family members to assist her helpers are uprights or canister vacuum cleaner, hepa filter vacuum cleaners, carpet steam cleaners, steam mops or electric brooms.

Grandmother could have had a list of house rules to make home cleaning easier. Maybe we can learn from her.

Always put back things in their proper place after using them.

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Do not leave anything lying around on the floors or tables.
Always tidy up the bed every morning.
Leave the toilet tidy after using. A quick wipe of the bath and hand basin after use makes weekly cleanup easier.
Put away books or magazines after reading them.
Wipe your feet on doormats before entering the house, which makes it so much easier to keep floors clean.
Open windows and doors of living areas if weather permitting, to allow in fresh air.
Thoroughly clean home at least once a week, not forgetting the ceilings in addition to difficult-to -reach-spots.
Spring cleaning once a year with the onset of the warmer spring weather is a must. These include all drawers, wardrobes, cupboards and kitchen cabinets or cabinet. Give or throw away things that are not used or no longer useful.
Keep a shopping list and jot down things that’s been used up and needed buying.

Using the carpet steam cleaner after every few months or more regularly on high traffic areas helps to keep carpets and floors better, keeping them sparkling clean and looking brand new.

The carpet cleaning system with its heated cleaning system comes highly recommended for households with pets and carpets, keeping carpets clean, soft and sanitized. Cleaning out the vacuum cleaner and carpet cleaning machines after using is critical. Eliminating the residual fluff or dust that has collected improves efficiency and life of the machines.

Decorating the house with fresh flowers after cleaning, gives it the ultimate finishing touch as well as a sense of real achievement. Yes, grandma knows best when it comes to house cleaning.

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