Are you a hoarder?

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It becomes the primary component of a hoarder’s life and everyone else living in the house. Hoarding can impair someone’s wellbeing, social interactions, and most importantly it can be very dangerous. Edgewater Wildlife Removal is more than just having plenty of stuff, and it can actually present very serious physical health risks. People with severely hoarded houses are high risk for homelessness, health problems, and personal safety issues.


Every US city employs Public Health Department officials to inspect homes at least once a year. If they find occupants residing under hoarding conditions, it’s considered a citation for a failure to keep the property. Too many of these citations can cause inspectors to condemn a house, leaving the occupants without a place to go. These citations may also turn into fines if the circumstance is serious enough, which grows to be quite costly. If there are animals, children, or dependent adults living in the house, the police can take legal action that could lead to jail time.

Oftentimes, once the house is condemned residents won’t be allowed back in until the home is clean enough to be brought back to code. The hoarder will then need to depend on shelters or family members to have somewhere to live.

Health Problems

Extremely hoarded homes are also at risk for risks like mold, excessive dust and debris, as well as potential biohazards. The sheer amount of clutter makes it difficult to clean properly and this may result in a buildup of dust, soil, and waste. Prolonged exposure to these conditions can lead to a number of health problems such as excessive allergies, respiratory problems, and other infectious diseases.

If there are animals in the home, or infestation issues, this can lead to a buildup of waste that presents a serious biohazardous contamination. Living under these conditions places people at risk for any number of diseases.

Safety Issues

Hoarded homes are not easily accessible if occupants are in danger and in need of help. If someone drops and becomes debilitated, medical first responders may have difficulty reaching them.

In addition, the number of items being exposed to space heaters, candles, wires, etc., makes it a fire hazard. Due to the excessive clutter, firefighters also have difficulty accessing hoarded homes. This places first responders, occupants of the home, and even neighbors at risk.

If a person is living in hoarded conditions, they’re placing themselves in danger. It’s important to get the house cleaned up and that generally requires the assistance of professionals.

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